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Thank you for your Contribution to my effort to BEAT BOBBY SCOTT !!!
The rules of the Federal Election Commission restrict your contribution to my campaign.  You may not contribute more that $2,800 towards my Primary Election, but you may also contribute another $2,800 to my General Election effort (the one in November).  Also, married couples may contribute the maximum amount as individuals for a total of $5,600 from the same family per election.  Of course, any amount is greatly appreciated.  I pledge to you, as a fiscal conservative, your contribution to this effort will be used thoughtfully. 
As you know, political campaigns at this level are rather expensive.  Our current disappointing representative in Congress (BS) has the unfair advantage of incumbency, as well as numerous established contributors and PAC/lobbyist support.  Most PACs and industry interest groups will not contribute to candidates in a Primary but will typically sign on after the candidate wins the Primary.  I do not want to have to rely on financial support from industry interest groups/PACs.  I prefer the support of the grassroots, you and our neighbors.  
What is it going to take to BEAT BOBBY SCOTT?  I am told it will take $1 million.  That is the standard figure they use for a congressional race against an incumbent.  Could be more, but I am expecting to run an unconventional, unorthodox campaign that will be effective with less.  Your support is critical to enabling me to return that seat in Congress to the people.  It is time for the long-term elitist to retire.  Please consider investing in our Nation with your most generous contribution to my campaign.
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